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Add:No. 58, Xinyang Road, Yancheng
General manager:Mr. Deng

  Yancheng New Mingfei Food Trade Co.,Ltd.predecessor Yancheng City Ming Trading Company founded in 2006, the headquarters is located in Jiangsu new coastal industrial and commercial city of Yancheng City, the company has created major commitment to condiment business. The strength of the company, reputation, is a professional engaged in seasoning food processing, sales, supermarket and logistics as one integrated trading company, after many years of perfect management, has now developed into a number of different characteristics of the sub company; under the integrity unit Ming fly seasoning food main agents of the condiment frontline brands, establish a win-win relationship good cooperation with the manufacturers!

  One of the Yancheng New Mingfei Food Trade Co.,Ltd. as Yancheng and even North Jiangsu area is the most development potential, have wide development prospect and market potential of the management company to expand sales, professional service consciousness, rigorous, thoughtful through-train stable “ ” supporting services, by the recognition and welcome the masses of customers, at the same time also guarantee the stable quality of product supply and demand series of whole process; professional business team to logistics and distribution team, ensure product quality, quantity and delivery cycle, enabling the company to establish a good social image in the peer in the development.

The concept of enterprise
Supply security: the company received orders to ensure normal day picking, dealer sales.
Price protection: one-stop supply, completely avoid the intermediate operators this link, ensure customer profit maximization.
Security: honesty, the credibility of the first, promise false a compensate ten, all channels can be used!
Credit guarantee: first-class reputation, has always been the Ming fly business philosophy and purpose, the company is willing to join hands with the old and new customers and enter, create brilliant future, welcome customer calls to discuss cooperation!

Online customer service
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